Workplace Safety

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: Triangle (NC)
Tune: Roll the Union On
Date Written or Updated: 01/22/2020

         We’re gonna rise, we’re gonna rise,
         For workplace safety now!
         We’re gonna rise, we’re gonna rise,
         For Fifteen and a Union now!

Oh, we rise today in Durham and we’re singing loud and strong
’Cause the conditions at McDonald’s are unsafe and they’re all wrong.
And this fight for a safe workplace has gone on for far too long…
So we rise together now!

When the workplace is unsafe and leads to burns and cuts and falls
We know an injury to one must  be an injury to all
So we’ll sing out our demands and say: “McDonalds, hear our call…
For workplace safety now!”

We’re here singing for a union ’cause that is the only way
For working folks to know that they’ll be safe at work today.
And we’ll unionize and win the right for safety and fair pay…
We’re gonna rise together now!

Oh, the “Right to Work” is bogus and it’s got us in a snit,
‘Cause it means the right to work for less without those benefits.
So we’ve come to Durham now to raise our voices loud and strong,
Now join us in our song!