World’s Family

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Mockingbird Hill

When we’re raising our childrenWe want them to know
They belong to our family
Wherever they go
And to a far larger family
The great humantide
As it ebbs and it flows
Through the world’s countryside

Chorus: Tweedle Aw, Tweedle Dee Dee
It gives me a thrill
That my family stretches
To the world’s farthesst hills
And what makes me laugh
Or sometimes makes me sing,
To the rest of the world
It’s the very same thing!

2) When it’s late in life’s evening
And I’m growing old
I remember the stories
That once I was told
From cultures and climates
Wherever I’d roam
Of how the world’s  peoples
Shared one ancient home