Zero Population Song

Lyrics by: Charlotte Kish
Gaggle: Detriot
Tune: Why Oh Why Did I Ever Leave Wyoming?

Why oh why did we get so overcrowded?
Why oh why are childen undefed?
Oh, why oh why is water so polluted?
Because just two children wasn’t ever said.

My mother met my father, these two married and had me,
And then next was a brother added to the family.
It seemed to make a lot of sense, each of us had a bed.
And being two we both could share our water and our bread.


We grew up fast and each of us picked out ourselves a mate.
We married, had two babies and we taught them not to hate.
Each cuz’ was then encouraged to remember what we knew,
And so each pair they learned to share their crackers and their stew.


Did you know food is getting ever scarcer every day?
And many are forgetting millions have no place to stay?
We Grannies have decided to change what we think is IN
We plan to praise the number 4 and not applaud for 10.


So every generation can all learn what we found out
It isn’t necessary to get angry and to shout
Be being thoughtful of our fellow humans on the earth
We shall renew the planet ands enjoy a Great Rebirth.